Faculty interested in submitting their course syllabi for possible inclusion in the WGS curriculum are encouraged to do so. Please note:

  • Courses may be submitted as core courses (which carry a WGS prefix) or as department or program courses (which carry the prefix of—and require the approval of—other departments or programs).
  • Faculty wishing to submit a course that carries the WGS prefix only should meet with the WGS Program Chair before composing/submitting a syllabus.
  • WGS will cross-list courses (i.e, agree to double prefixes for an approved course, such as “RELS/WGS”) at the department/program’s request. Cross-listing is not required by WGS.
  • Faculty should submit course syllabi via e-mail to the WGS Program Chair, along with a 2 to 3 sentence statement as to why the course should be included in the WGS curriculum.

Courses will be reviewed by the WGS Advisory Committee using the criteria below. The Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Program Chair. The Program Chair will respond to the faculty member’s proposal in one of 3 ways: by accepting the course, declining the course, or returning the course with suggested changes.



Courses that are located within the WGS curriculum must fulfill the following criteria:

I. Required Criterion

  • A majority of course content must directly address women and/or gender and involve a level of critical feminist analysis.

II. Additional Criteria:  Courses must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria:

  • The course is informed by a feminist theoretical framework.
  • The course is informed by feminist pedagogy.
  • The course takes an intersectional perspective, connecting its investigation of gender and sexuality to race, class, ethnicity, age, global position, and/or other aspects of identity.
  • The course has a feminist praxis, community-based learning/research, and/or activism component.