Below is a list of courses offered by departments other than WGS that serve the WGS major/minor.   Additional relevant departmental courses that explore issues of gender using feminist scholarship and theory may be approved by petition to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program Chair.


*Note that all WGS courses also count for the WGS major and minor. WGS 101 is REQUIRED for both the major and the minor; WGS 280 is required for the major only.

Africana Studies/WGS 258: Engendering Black Popular Culture
Africana Studies/WGS 320: Black Feminisms
Anthropology and Sociology 212: Sex and Gender
Anthropology and Sociology 227: The Family
Anthropology and Sociology 229: Sociology of Sex and Gender
Anthropology and Sociology 238: Gender and Popular Culture
Anthropology and Sociology 240/History 211: Muslim Girls (Run the World)
Anthropology and Sociology 271: Gender in the Muslim & Arab Worlds
Economics 325: Women and the Economy
English 119: Literary Women
English 274: Taboos: Literary Sexualities
English 326: The Romantics
English 335: Representations of Women in English Renaissance
English 352: Topics in Black Literature: US & Caribbean Black Feminist Literature and Feminist Theory
Environmental Science/WGS 253: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice
Film & Media Studies/WGS 255: Women Make Movies/Movies Make Women
French 441: Writing the Self: A History of French Feminist Thought
History 226: Sex in Modern Europe
History 368: Ordinary and Extraordinary Women in Latin American History
International Affairs 230: Global Perspectives on Gender and Equality
International Affairs 320: Gender and Development
Philosophy 270: Feminist Philosophy
Psychology 248: Psychology of Gender
Religious Studies 205/WGS 205: Love and Sex in Biblical Texts
Religious Studies 225: Sex, Gender and Religion
Theater 369: Theater Artists in Focus: Women in American Theater