John L. '67 and Jean A. Hatfield Professor of International Affairs
207 Oechsle Center for Global Education


  • Ph.D., Free University of Berlin

Courses Taught for WGSS

IA 230: Global Perspectives on Gender and Equality

Special Interests

Angelika von Wahl is the John L. ’67 and Jean A. Hatfield Professor of International Affairs and the Chair of the interdisciplinary International Affairs Program at Lafayette College (United States). She has worked as a faculty member in Sociology, Political Science, and International Relations as a DAAD Professor at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and an associate professor at San Francisco State University.  She has published on labor market, family, and gender equality policies, human rights, and intersectionality and is the author of several monographs as well as articles published in Social Politics, West European Politics, and German Politics.

Her research interests focus on issues of gender equality and social policy in Germany, the European Union, and the USA. A recent publication on gender equality is “The EU as a Gender Equality Regime: A Core Research Concept,” Routledge Handbook of Gender and the European Union, edited by Gabi Abel, Andrea Kriszan, Heather McRae and Anna van der Vleuten, 2021.

Currently, she is working on a monograph analyzing the newly emerging activism on intersex issues at the intersection of social movements, medical authority, and the state, tentatively titled “From Object to Subject, Intersex Activism Transforming States and Medicine.”   She has recently published several book chapters and articles on this topic, among them “Throwing the Boomerang: German Intersex Mobilization and Policy Change,” (2017). “From Object to Subject: Intersex Activism and the Rise and Fall of the Gender Binary in Germany,” Social Politics 2019 (in print June 2021), “Lessons on Opportunity Hoarding and Gender Binarism: Building an Alliance of Women’s Trans, and Intersex Movements” (2021) in the European Journal of Politics and Gender.